Alan Kay said,
“The best way to predict the
future is to invent it.”

This is what ‘game changer entrepreneurs’ do. They shake things up differently and transform the entire potential of an industry. Mr. Parvez Rupani is a live iconic forward-thinker. He has practically iconised game changer attributes by ‘changing small things in a big way’; in fact an innovative way. He is on the front-line where other players look up to, learn from,and get inspired by. As David O. Adeife said, “Never innovate to compete, innovate to change the rules of the game.” Mr. Parvez Rupani has continually invested his time and activities in creating new, better and different offerings that transform the way things are done in UAE marketplace.His greatest marvel is the game changing revolution bought in the telecommunication sector of UAE by successfully creating and implementing a ‘Scaling Model’ through prospective achievement of‘Channel Partnership’ for a long term comfortable relation over the period of 8 years. He mitigated and replaced risk factors with the sense of faith in investing on resources based on a risk-free mindset, all maintained at a turning point of scalability and technology of top level. He managed to successfully transform paper-culture into technologyculture by means of inculcating best softwares while ensuring best practices.This invoked accountability on top of sustainable scalability. He transformed simple computer companies into marketing & innovation centres with every single resource utilisation at peak of its potential.Keeping the base structure same, he evolved variations into services of an entirely unique market segment. In a nutshell, he changedthe entire market structure of business in UAE by instigating endless trajectories of successful business expansion through innovation.So what’s coming up next? The greatest wonder of the millennial is yet to strike as Skylines Group of Companies has being empowered by Etisalat. The journey of premium partnership has now landed up with adoption of Skylines by Etisalat; which is in fact another start of a life-changing game.So what motivation we receive from Mr.Parvez Rupani? The world is already full of players. Be a game changer!