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Top Businessman in Dubai: Parvez Sultan Rupani

Parvez Sultan Rupani, is the top businessman in Dubai. Following interview of Mr Rupani was published in The Intelligent SME as Managing Director Skylines, Skylines is a BPO veteran and brings an experience of 15 years to Skylines.  A leading UAE voice in telecommunication and international development, his visionary leadership has helped the organization achieve double digit growth year after year.  He is proud of the fact that “Skylines has become the dedicated point of contact for Etisalat services through our quick uptime and rapid fulfilment of essential services  for SMBs.”

What was your strategic vision when you set up Skylines?
I started Skylines to meet the fast growing business demand for outsourced sales and customer solutions to the thriving telecom sector. It was about innovation and great technology then, and still is today. We also wanted to contribute to the economic growth, employment and prosperity of the country. A growing SMB sector is a healthy sign of sustainable growth of the industry and we are happy to play our part in the country’s prosperity. We are proud to have grown beyond the industry curve over the past years in the Middle East region.

What is Skylines’ role as a growth catalyst for SMEs?
Since inception, one of our main objectives was to create a platform to enable Emiratis to be creative and self-sufficient. Our efforts are focused on creating jobs and fostering innovation.

Skylines provides a range of business services to entrepreneurs and corporate clients to build their businesses. We are also involved in various projects as an active investor for several entrepreneurs and will reveal these success stories in due course.

What is your growth ambition in the next five years?
Skylines has major business plans chalked out for the next five years. One of them is being part of the transformation within the organisation being implemented by Etisalat. There will be more than a thousand employees added to our workforce in the next five years to deal with the business expansion across the country.

Skylines plans to accelerate its dramatic recent success and we anticipate a 60 percent growth in personnel and revenues over the next five years.

As a result of your long association with the telecom industry, what trends do you foresee?
I have worked in the UAE telecom sector for the last 15 years. The industry has changed dramatically and in the next decade telecom players will achieve even higher growth. The telecom market today is highly competitive. The major challenge for market players is to retain and build new revenue streams.

Data management will become increasingly critical to business operations. The broader telecoms environment will continue to be challenging and there will be many technological, economic and regulatory changes that the industry will face.

Could you share some insights about what SMEs need to do to compete in the UAE, in terms of communications and technology requirements?
SME businesses should focus on constantly improving and re-engineering the business processes to improve efficiency. Today there is limited focus on training, development and up skilling of employees. Additionally on the technology front, more organisations need to adopt advanced enterprise level systems (such as ERP, CRM solutions) to develop their business potential.

Tell us about your strategic business partnership with Etisalat?
Etisalat has always led in developing new telecom solutions tailored to various business segments. This specialisation has helped us as we are expanding our presence in the UAE by offering customised business solutions. We are working closely with Etisalat on how far and how fast to grow the business and our association has a lot more room to grow.

top businessman in DubaiHow is Skylines adding value to Etisalat’s SME segment propositions?
We have signed an agreement to resell a range of Etisalat’s services to SMBs in the UAE. Under the agreement, we are offering a range of services and solutions such as Etisalat’s Business Ultimate (business post-paid plan), Business Quick Start (bundle of broadband fixed voice) and a wide range of office devices at zero upfront cost through our in-house and outdoor sales team.

We add value to Etisalat’s SMB propositions by giving them easy access to Etisalat services backed by our dedicated account managers. Skylines is the dedicated point of contact for Etisalat services and we have brought quicker uptimes and faster fulfilment of essential SMB services.

What is your key success factor as Etisalat’s top business partner?
Skylines has maintained this success with Etisalat due to the effective management of human resources as we have ensured that there is no negligent hiring and retention in our organisation.

We set measurable targets, performance standards and priorities for these targets. This has helped in establishing responsibilities and authority levels for employees. However, a key success factor is the continuous support from the Etisalat senior management that has helped fine-tune our processes.

What differentiates Skylines from Etisalat’s other business partners?
Our technology expertise in CRM/ HRIS and investment in dedicated resources are key factors that give us a competitive edge as an Etisalat partner.

We also aggressively provide Etisalat services to companies looking for the latest telecom solutions so that they can enhance their productivity and efficiency.

top businessman in DubaiWhat are some of the key partnership objectives for Skylines and Etisalat as you deliver consistent service standards to SMBs?
Etisalat is the region’s market leader, with a bundle of tailored and innovative solutions. Our key focus area is to support Etisalat objectives in helping the growth of the SMB sector in the UAE. For this, we ensure that we assign dedicated account managers and hand-pick our salesforce. Our people are continuously assessed and developed to assure the best service quality and this leads to our relationship stability with Etisalat.

We are planning to conduct quarterly customer reviews and ask for feedback across every aspect of our service provision. We aim to address customer issues with a commitment to continuous improvement.